Austria and Poland – Part 1

The view from my window in Erhwald, Austria. On a Saturday morning on August 3rd I looked out my window and saw the Austrian Alps.  Or at least part of them —  heavy clouds were drifting past the peaks so fast it looked like time-lapse.  Very soon I’d be up […]


Bokeh – Part Two

Last time I wrote about bokeh I was referring to out-of-focus backgrounds, so prevalent in interviews we shoot today. But bokeh just ain’t for backgrounds. Foreground bokeh is also visually pleasing. In this frame I shot a grinding wheel on a piece of metal. I used a 90mm lens, overcranked […]


What is Bokeh?

Sometime you might hear the work ‘bokeh’ tossed around the set, but what is it? Bokeh is an Anglicized version of a Japanese word, boke. It refers to an out-of-focus quality in the image, usually part of the background. I’ve heard many people say that bokeh is a depth cue, […]