It’s not only kids who need to play, and music is not just for the professionals.  Thomas can’t be writing mystery books and private eye novels all the time,  right?  So, when he has a chance, Thomas plays upright bass and bass guitar.  Sometimes it’s rock and roll, sometimes  jazz.  But it’s always fun.  This is where you can hear some of the bands he jams with.

The Willis Gidney Quintet

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Thomas Kaufman and Bela Fleck

Bela Fleck and Thomas


Bela Fleck is one hell of a musician, and has brought the banjo into the realms of classical and jazz music.  I had a chance to meet and film with Bela Fleck on a documentary about JS Bach.  You can see a clip from this documentary below:

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Another world-class musician is bassist Edgar Meyer. Here’s a piece I shot with Mr Meyer for the same film about JS Bach:

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