National Geographic Programs include Megastructures, Supermax, Struck by Lightning, Arlington Cemetery, Beyond the Movies, Big Cat Crisis, Blood on the Battlefield, The Hunley, Last Images, Giant Dinosaurs of Africa, United Snakes of America, Special Forces, Inside Udvar Hazy, Star-Spangled banner, White Sharks, and many more.

Discovery Channel Programs include New Detectives, FBI Files, Inside the US Mint, What If…, Racer Girlz, Night on Earth, Mission to Mars, Fight for Baghdad, Wings, Understanding, Great Books, Science of Lying, The Prosecutors, the Quest, Archeology, Violent Earth, Nanotech, the Masons, and many more.

Democratic consultants for whom I’ve filmed include David Axelrod, Charles Guggenheim, Bob Squier, Frank Greer, Mandy Grunwald, Carter Eskew, Jim Margolis, Ray Strother, and Deno Seder.  Shooting on issue ads, congressional, and presidential races.

Countdown to Zero (Lawrence Bender Productions) A film about the world’s supply of nuclear weapons, and the steps we must take to eliminate them.

Fahrenheit 9/11 (Westside Productions) Shooting in High Definition for Michael Moore=s film about the Bush administration and war profiteering in Iraq.

The West Wing (NBC) Filming Martin Sheen climbing the steps of the Lincoln Memorial at night (Camera operator)

The Wire (HBO) Camera operator and BTS DP on this ground-breaking series.

American Standoff (Cabin Creek Films) Documentary produced by Barbara Koppel for HBO about James Hoffa Jr and his new administration. Sundance 2002 Feature Documentary Competition

The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg (Ciesla Foundation) As Hitler invaded Europe, a young Jewish baseball player challenged Babe Ruth=s homerun record. This is the story of how he became an American hero. Best Non‑Fiction Film 2000 New York Film Critics Association

Eyes on the Prize Series I & II (Blackside, Inc.) A six‑part series on America’s history of civil rights, distributed by WGBH.  1987 Academy Award Nomination, Best Feature Documentary for Series I.

Promises to Keep (Durrin Films)  This film chronicles Mitch Snyder’s hunger fast and the CCNV’s attempts to provide housing for the homeless in Washington. 1988 Academy Award Nomination, Best Feature Documentary.

See What I’m Saying (Southpaw Productions) A documentary that shows how learning to communicate changes the lives of deaf children and their families.  Winner, 1993 Emmy.

The Holocaust: In Memory of Millions (Cronkite Ward) A documentary for Discovery about the Holocaust, its victims, and survivors, hosted by Walter Cronkite.  1994 Emmy

Children’s Defense Fund (Guggenheim Productions) National Public Service Announcements that alert teenagers to the problems of unwanted pregnancy. 1986 Emmy nomination.

EDUCATION  M.F.A. in Film Production from University of Southern California.