Hamot Hospital

I like this spot because it’s such a classic “lifestyle” commercial. Favorite shot? The kid and dog sharing a Popsicle.

Animals and children, the two things you usually avoid when making a commercial. And here I was with one from each group, sharing the frame as well a frozen treat. Neither the kid nor the dog was trained.  And the producer had given me an entire 45 minutes to get the shot.  Okay, here goes,I thought.  I cross-keyed and diffused two 2K’s, then rolled at 120 frames per second.

Would you believe we got it exactly right on the first take? i had never seen anything like it.  I turned from the viewfinder to the producer, telling him that was a miracle, the most amazing thing I’d ever seen. Terrific, he agreed, now shoot it again.  We blew another 1000 feet of film and it never happened again. Lucky for them the first and only take was perfect.



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