Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

1979 M.F.A. Film & Television Production. University of Southern California
1974-1978 B.A. in Film & Television Production. University of Southern California

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DRINK THE TEA. New York: St Martin’s Press, 2010. Print.
“Use Movement and Gesture in Your Fiction.” The Writer Magazine June, 2011: 28-29. Print.
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American University, School of Communications:
8/28/13 – 5/3/14 Adjunct Professor, Film & Television Production
2/23/2010 Class lecture and lighting workshop
3/3/2009 Class lecture and lighting workshop
Docs in Progress, Silver Spring, MD
3/21-22/2009 Cinematography Weekend Workshop, lectures and demonstrations
Stevenson University, Stevenson, MD:
11/20/2007 Guest lecturer on film genres and discussion
USC School of Cinematic Arts, Los Angeles, CA
9/15/1992 Guest lecturer on documentary production and discussion,

2014 Playtime Project (Homeless Children’s Playtime Project) Working with young children for a fund-raiser for to build a playground at a homeless shelter.

2013 Music for the Soul (Public Broadcasting) Looking at music therapy, and its effect on Alzheimer’s patients at the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function in New York. 2013 Emmy nomination.

1993 See What I’m Saying (Southpaw Productions) A documentary that shows how learning to communicate changes the lives of deaf children and their families. 1993 Emmy Award

2013 Call for Volunteers (United States Pharmacopeia) A recruitment video to interest international scientists in volunteer panel work in regulating pharmaceuticals internationally.

2013 Fast Brache (Johns Hopkins Medical Institute) A video that promotes a new brachytherapy cancer treatment from Johns Hopkins Hospital.

1996 – 2003 The New Detectives, The Prosecutors, The FBI Files (New Dominion Pictures) Reality-based crime shows for Discovery Channel about real cops and real cases.

1994 Star-Spangled Banner (National Geographic Television) A look at the history of our nation’s flag, flag-burning, and why the flag means so many different things to so many people.

2015 THE HUNTING GROUND (Chain Camera) In 1988, a woman was raped on campus when there was no way for survivors to connect with each other. She returns for the first time to the place where she was so very alone. And where her life’s trajectory was forever altered.

2015 Rosenwald (Ciesla Foundation) How Julius Rosenwald created schools for impoverished African American children in the southern united States.

2015 Last Days of the Nazis (History Channel) A six-hour special that combines archive footage, interviews with experts, and actors with dialogue from the transcripts of the trials at Nuremburg.

2015 NOVA: Nazi Attack (WGBH) Imagine your father, a US Navy Commander, sinks a German U-boat, then gets reprimanded by the Navy! Decades later the truth comes out.

2014 9/11: The Final Hours (National Geographic) A 90-minute look at the day before the attack on New York, and the changes it wrought.

2014 The Story of Food (National Geographic) A six-hour special about meat, bread, beer, fast food, junk food, and of course, SPAM.

2014 Dick Cavette’s Watergate (Crew Neck Productions) A look back with interviews from principals like Bob Woodward.

2014 Meet Vera Stark (Everyman Theater) A play about Hollywood in the 1930’s that required a black and white film shot the style of that time.

2013 Cold Case: JFK (WGBH) A NOVA program that looks at the forensics and eye witness testimony surrounding the assassination of John F Kennedy.

2013 Playing for Life (Jüdische Kulturbund Project) A documentary about the Jewish Kulture Bund, a Nazi plan to “encourage” musicians, while actually rounding them up for extermination.

2013 Mayors Against Illegal Guns (Devine Mulvey) A series of ads depicting the victims and families of gun violence, and a common-sense appeal from police for background checks.

2013 Raw to Ready (PBS) A four-part series for Public Television about recent innovations in manufacturing in the United States.

2012 The Butler (Lee Daniels) Filming background plates and second unit cinematography for this feature film about a butler in the White House.

2012 Mind/Game (Kovno Communications) A documentary about basketball superstar Chamique Holdsclaw, her triumph over mental illness, and a message of hope for others.

2012 The Rosenwald Schools (Ciesla Foundation) Philanthropist Julius Rosenwald joins with Booker T. Washington to build 5,500 schools for African-American youth. (in progress)

2012 Stargazing Live (BBC) Filming the arrival of space mirrors at NASA, and interviewing the scientists working on the new James Webb space telescope.

2011 Earth Overhaul (National Geographic) How to prevent global warming from changing the climate of our planet.

2011 Dinosaur Revolution (Discovery Channel) Utilizes computer-generated imagery to portray dinosaurs and other animals from the Mesozoic era.

2011 Putin, Russia, and the West (Brook Lapping Productions) Looks at Vladimir Putin, after eight years as President of Russia and four more as Prime Minister.

2011 Finding Your Roots (Kunhardt Productions) Examines the histories and family genealogies of a number of well-known personalities, with Professor Louis Gates.

2010 Countdown to Zero (Lawrence Bender Productions) A film about the world’s supply of nuclear weapons, and the steps we must take to eliminate them.

2008 The Wire (HBO) Camera operator and BTS DP on this ground-breaking series.

2004 Fahrenheit 9/11 (Westside Productions) Shooting in High Definition for Michael Moore’s film about the Bush administration and war profiteering in Iraq.

2002 American Standoff (Cabin Creek Films) Documentary produced by Barbara Koppel for HBO about James Hoffa Jr and his new administration. Sundance 2002 Feature Documentary Competition

2001 Korean War Stories (New Voyage Communications) Walter Cronkite narrates this history of the Korean War, as told by the American veterans who fought there. 2002 Emmy

2000 Tesla: Master of Lightning (New Voyage Communications) Explores the life and accomplishments of this inventor. 2000 Emmy

1998 The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg (Ciesla Foundation) A young Jewish baseball player challenges Babe Ruth’s homerun record and becomes an American hero.

1994 The Holocaust: In Memory of Millions (Cronkite Ward) A documentary for Discovery about the Holocaust, its victims, and survivors, hosted by Walter Cronkite. 1994 Emmy

1988 Promises to Keep (Durrin Films) Mitch Snyder’s hunger fast and the CCNV’s attempts to help the homeless in Washington. 1988 Academy Award Nomination, Best Feature Documentary.

1987 & 1990 Eyes on the Prize Series I & II (Blackside, Inc.) A six part series on America’s history of civil rights, distributed by WGBH. 1987 Academy Award Nomination, Best Feature Documentary for Series I.

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IATSE 600 International Cinematographers Guild
Women in Film and Video
Mystery Writers of America
International Thriller Writers

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