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Pete Seeger and Me

Pete Seeger And Me

I took a big risk when I met Pete Seeger. Read about it today at Algonquin Redux

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I am Forest Whitaker

Shooting Plates For The Butler

For a few seconds, I am Forest Whitaker Sometimes when you read a script you see the letters POV. These letters do not mean Pills Or Vodka, or Place Over Vera, or even Putting on Velvet. They stand for Point of View, and POV is an effective way to get the audience to identify with a protagonist. Take the Hitchcock film NORTH …

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Music for the Soul

Music For The Soul2

Last year I read a book by Oliver Sacks.  In case you don’t know the name, Dr Sacks is a neurologist and a fine writer.  His book AWAKENINGS was made into a film with Robert DeNiro, and Robin Williams played Dr Sacks. Dr Sacks wrote a book about music and the brain, MUSICOPHILIA.  He talks about the human brain’s plasticity, its ability …

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