Weird But True

Earth vs The Flying Saucers
Did disapproval of congress cause aliens to attack? Or was it simply a lack of parking?








[dropcap4]T[/dropcap4]here’s no shortage of weird information about Willis Gidney’s hometown of Washington, DC — but did you know that, during World War II, there was only one building in the continental US to be struck by an artillery shell?  And that the building in question was in DC?

Give up?  The answer is the Lincoln Memorial.  (It just so happens that the climax to “Drink the Tea” happens at the Lincoln — or underneath it, actually.)

Okay, I hear you asking how could that be?  When did the Axis of Evil have the opportunity to shell our national’s capitol?

Well, it wasn’t an enemy shell, it was one of ours.  It seems that, in the interest of national defense, the Army placed a number of anti-aircraft guns on the rooftops of office buildings in downtown DC.  So, during a routine lunch hour, an unnamed office worker was fooling around  with one of these guns, and accidentally fired a shell which hit the Lincoln Memorial, causing minor damage.

(The flying saucer attack came ten years later…)

Flying Saucers Hog the Road


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