Washington, DC private eye Willis Gidney is a born liar, an expert at the scam.  Maybe that’s what makes him such a good private eye.  Here’s what people are saying about the Willis Gidney series:
[info_box]”Through Willis Gidney, Kaufman offers us one of the most compelling Private Eyes in mysteries today.” –  Read the full review [/info_box]

[info_box]”Terrific private investigative tale.” — Genre-go-round Read the full review [/info_box]

[info_box]”I cannot state enough that Gidney is one of the most unique creations in the PI genre.”  — Gumshoe Review  Read the full review [/info_box]

[info_box]”You’ll love Willis Gidney. You’ll root for him, and you will appreciate the fact that he realizes his own weaknesses and addresses them with humor.” — Lesa Holstine’s Book Critiques  Read the full review[/info_box]

[info_box]”Since Kaufman is a director and cameraman, he covers all the angles in a quirky story, one eye not surprisingly on the big-screen potential.” — Curled Up With A Good Book  Read the full review[/info_box]

Thomas Kaufman, mystery writer and director of photography

When he’s not writing about Willis Gidney, Thomas Kaufman is an Emmy award-winning director/cameraman.  You can find out more about him here.



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