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Thomas’s two lives, mystery author and filmmaker, often overlap.  For years he’s directed and shot cop shows for TV, and he’s heard great stories from the police he’s filmed.  He’s ridden on patrols, been to crime scenes, as well as crime labs. All of these experiences inform his writing of private eye stories.  This page has images from his life as a mystery writer and filmmaker.


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I was excited to be shooting at the Statue of Liberty. I had done this before, but never on the outside, over 140 feet off the ground! Okay, now I have to ask, have you seen the original PLANET OF THE APES? Right? So it was a real treat to be there. Also, there's an early Alfred Hitchcock film, "Saboteur," that has its climax on top of the Statue. It was cool to see that Hitch got the perspective exactly right! I had just kissed the palm of my hand and was pressing it against Lady Liberty's lower lip when producer Zoltan Toth took this shot. You can't really see it, but that's a Harlan Ellison paperback in my pocket.

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