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A good day for reading “A Bad Day for Sorry”

Bad Day For Sorry 1751

You know you’re reading a great book when you don’t want it to end, and that’s what Sophie Littlefield has done with A BAD DAY FOR SORRY.  How did she do it?

Well, for startes, she created a memorable hero, Stella Haredsty, then endowed her with admiraable traits: Stella is tough as a titanium nail, she’s brave, and she’s determined. Add to this a sense of humor and insight into human behavior, and you have an outstanding lead character.  The supporting cast ain’t bad either.  And although the cast is large, I was always sure who was who.

Then there’s the sense of place. I get the feeling Ms Littlefield really knows the town she;’s writing about, and the people who live there. My only complaint is that the book is ending.  Ah well, there’s more in this series, which I plan to read as soon as possible.